Who we are?

hefa is a pioneer in the field of cooling furniture manufacturing. Well, what is that? Everything that is related to cooling in the catering and restaurant sector, for example cooling counters.

Serving counters where we can enjoy a cool drink after work or a wine vending machine for those of us who favour a nice glass of red.

And when we again want to go above and beyond, we design a "chocolate-kebab" on the side.


So we might be a versatile company, but we are certainly not boring. Especially our patent, " plug-and-snap system", distinguishes us on the market,

which sets us apart from all our competition and allows us to fulfill almost any customer wish.

That is what makes working at hefa both exciting and so varied.


KEEP IT simple, but different.

Being different doesn't always mean choosing the more difficult path. Being different and standing out can be just as easy as following the same path as others.

Being different means creating growth. Even slight variations make us rethink and generate something new.

Being different means flexibility. The flexibility to meet your needs and adapt to new expectations.



Empathy is an important foundation both internally and externally. Knowing the best, we place ourselves in the position of our clients in order to provide them with the best possible advice, as well as in the position of our team members in order to facilitate respectful interaction.


Reliability is the foundation for any kind of cooperation. Our customers rely on us to act quickly and to be available anytime. Internally, the cornerstone of good teamwork is also trust in and support from team colleagues. 


For us, flexibility means openness to new perspectives and possibilities - a high willingness to change and mental agility. By doing so, we aim to fulfill all of our customers' requirements, always thinking along new lines in order to grow constantly and to be able to adapt to future demands.


We know that authenticity is the prerequisite for best performance and that
enables growth and teamwork. Every day, we give our utmost to our work and strive to deliver an inclusive work environment where our employees feel safe and motivated to be themselves. 


Like any brand, customers have high expectations of the product and can rely on a consistent or improving standard. Thus, it is our goal to maintain and increase our high standard. Thereby we pay attention to highest precision in all working steps.


Every team consists of multiple people who bring various skills to the project and utilize them to solve a specific task or achieve a specific goal. This includes passion and willingness to perform, discipline and the ability to cooperate. It is particularly important that we treat each other with fairness and respect. Each individual takes responsibility for their own actions and is loyal to their fellow team members.