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The bar is the beating heart of every restaurant and hotel.
It is the place where people come together, meet up with friends after a hard day's work
and spend the evening together over a nice drink.
The bar is where life happens, where guests find togetherness, relaxation, inspiration,
or simply peace and quiet without being alone.

We are all of this

our projects

HEFA counters at Kubaschewski MunichSheraton Eatery

Every new project is a unique challenge for us, regardless of whether it is a classic standard counter or a sophisticated customised design.
Our aim is to offer first-class solutions for all areas of hospitality.

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our Team

Sales member discussing a counter system with his customerSales manager in his office

Our team is at your side from the first draft to the final commissioning. Throughout the entire planning process, our sales team will support you right through to order placement, be it for a standard bar counter or for sophisticated customised products.
In addition, our service team is available during the week for questions and problems during delivery or installation and is available at weekends for refrigeration emergencies.

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HEFA counter at Cube Café Neumarkt

In August we were guests at the opening of the stylish Cube Café in Marktredwitz, a wonderful Victorian ambience in which you immediately feel at home, the bar is perfectly coordinated with the work processes and the cocktail elements guarantee great cocktails.

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Our team at the Internorga in Hamburg 2023

Internorga 2023
Many thanks to all who were there! We had a lot of fun at the fair and a big thank you again to Wooderia for the great opportunity to appear together at Internorga

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Design of a mobile counter with powder coating and logo in Aperol design

What could be nicer in this weather than a glass of Aperol? And with our mobile counters, you can enjoy your Aperol cold no matter when and where! Cheers to the weekend 🍹 It's all the nicer when the counters match the colour of your favourite drink.

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Schloss Elmau


Sustainability is one of the most overused buzzwords of our time. For many, sustainability means buying CO2 certificates to buy their way out of their obligation to act in an environmentally conscious manner. In a family-run company like ours, we practise sustainability in all areas of our business in a direct and meaningful way.


Over the past 10 years, we have reduced our electricity consumption by around 60 % through the purchase of new machines alone. Energy-saving lighting, energy-efficient IT components and much more contribute to the economical use of energy. A photovoltaic system on our new company building and heat pumps for heating and air conditioning were a matter of course for us long before the current Heating Act.


The materials for our products do not come from the Near and Far East, but from German companies - the more regional the better. This not only strengthens our economy, but also reduces transport routes to a minimum, and the same applies to our employees - the closer and more down-to-earth the better - so don't be surprised if you receive a box from us with a different company name on it. We continue to use packaging material that is still intact to minimise waste. And even the cardboard boxes that no longer look so smart are shredded and used as filling material.


We believe that quality is the most important feature of a sustainable product. The oldest HEFA counters we know of are over 30 years old and are still doing their job in tough everyday gastronomy. High, durable quality with perfect workmanship instead of cheap disposable products saves a lot of money over the years and is true sustainability.


And as a little add-on, we have our own beehive, which is lovingly tended by Steffi, our town beekeeper. The busy bees collect the pollen in the beautiful Upper Palatinate countryside around us for our delicious organic HEFA honey.