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About our products

HEFA stands for unique refrigerated counters in the hospitality sector, characterized by flexibility and quality. Our counters and storage cabinets are built with our patented snap-in system, which allows us to create customized solutions for every individual need. This system is not only extremely strong, but also revolutionary in its adaptability, which sets us apart from other suppliers.

With our in-house production, we can ensure a consistently high level of quality that is characterized by continuous improvement. We are able to respond quickly to customer requests and offer customized products in various sizes at a competitive price. This flexibility is our strength and makes us a unique partner in the branch.

Another advantage of HEFA is our comprehensive technical advice. We support our customers from the planning to the realization of their projects. Our sales team takes the time to understand the specific requirements and wishes and offers solutions that require little effort from our customers. All you have to do is tell us what you want and we will take care of the rest.

HEFA offers a combination of customized flexibility, high quality and excellent customer service that makes us unique in the market.

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Our product categories

HEFA offers a comprehensive product portfolio for the hospitality market, ranging from standardised bar counters for immediate use to bespoke solutions for large projects. We understand the importance of flexibility and individuality in the gastronomy business and therefore offer refrigerated counter systems, non-refrigerated extensions, special designs for cocktail areas, commercial kitchen equipment, showcases and more. If a required product is not included in our standard range, our customisation team works closely with the purchasing department to find or develop suitable products.

This enables us to offer our customers a complete solution for all areas of the gastronomy sector, regardless of whether it is standard equipment or customised special designs.