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Mandarin Oriental Ory Bar

Ory BarOry Bar
Mandarin Oriental
Ory Bar

The renowned falstaff magazine has named the Ory Bar in the Mandarin Oriental Munich the best hotel bar of 2024. "The undisputed eye-catcher of this atmospheric and dark hotel bar is the gold-coloured counter, above which the ceiling lighting unfolds like a fan. The drinks are no less ingenious, making the Ory Bar a place where locals can be found in the same numbers as travellers."
We congratulate the great team on the award and are delighted that our cocktail bar was able to contribute a little to this great success.

Sheraton Eatery

Sheraton EaterySheraton EaterySheraton Eatery
Airport FRA

Directly connected to Frankfurt Airport's Terminal 1, the new atrium bar in the heart of the lobby, The Eatery Kitchen and Bar, offers a taste of the USA with an East Coast to West Coast inspired menu in a relaxed, vintage-style convivial atmosphere, and we were delighted to supply the large bar system for this international location with lots of special elements for the exclusive offer at the airport.

Pullman Blend Bar

HEFA-Winewall in the Blend-Bar in the Pullman Schweizer Hof in Berlin based on an idea by the architects Sundukovy
Blend Bar

"BLEND in Berlin claims to be a bridge between street food and classic restaurants, combining modern culinary influences with traditional food values. In a cosmopolitan location in former West Berlin, between Kurfürstendamm and Potsdamer Platz."
A very special highlight of the Pullman Schweizerhof's interior is the Winewall. A room divider made of chilled cubes for fine wines and art objects. We are proud to have fulfilled this wish of the interior designer, which no one else dared to do.


HEFA counters at Kubaschewski MunichHEFA counters at Kubaschewski Munich

"Curtain up for the Kubaschewski, the modern interpretation of the Rossini film that invites Munich locals to snack and savour. When it's literally "like the Stachus" a few metres away, Kubaschewski is the perfect retreat for anyone who wants to treat themselves to an indulgent break from everyday life in the middle of Munich in the immediate vicinity of the venerable Gloria Palace."
All the better when we were allowed to provide the refrigerated counter for all the exquisite drinks in the sophisticated ambience.

Schüco-Arena Bielefeld

HEFA counters in the Schüco soccer arena in BielefeldHEFA counters in the Schüco soccer arena in Bielefeld

The new construction of the Schüco Arena in Bielefeld was certainly one of our most spectacular projects. The huge bar systems were brought in by helicopter and the installation was a real challenge for everyone, and thanks to the excellent planning, fans are now served refreshing drinks, the Krombacher regulars' table is a guest and all kinds of other events take place here.
We wish Arminia continued "Good Luck" and the great fans many more victories to celebrate.

Das Tegernsee

HEFA counter on the terrace of the luxury hotel Das Tegernsee in weatherproof design

"DAS TEGERNSEE - a place characterised by quiet luxury and a deep connection to nature. Here, in the hideaway above the Tegernsee valley with panoramic views of the lake and the surrounding mountains, everyday life recedes into the distance and the here and now takes centre stage. Inspired by its picturesque home region, DAS TEGERNSEE embraces you with an elegant world of indulgence, design and sensuality that enchants, grounds and revitalises at the same time."
Our challenge was to build a bar for the outdoor area that would defy the Tegernsee mountain weather in summer and winter and still visually fulfil the requirements of this luxury hotel. See for yourself.

Sheraton Airport Bar

HEFA counter in the bar of the Sheraton Hotel at Frankfurt Airport
Airport FRA

"Visit The Bar at the Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel and experience a stylish and inviting evening full of laughter, fun and fancy drinks with friends. The open concept and chic colour design make The Bar a special place to enjoy classic and unusual drinks as well as fancy cocktails in The Bar or have exclusive cigars served in the Davidoff Lounge."
For the open concept of the bar, we have covered all the front elements of the counter with wood to match the furnishings. The refrigerated counter blends seamlessly into the design.

Ship's counter

HEFA counter in a marine version for an excursion boat on the Danube
Ship's Counter

Beverage counters are needed everywhere. We built these for an excursion boat on the Danube. The challenges were absolute weather resistance and durability even in heavy swell.
We wish the crew many satisfied guests and a hand's breadth of water under the keel at all times.

Aletto Bar

HEFA counter in the bar of the Aletto Hotel in BerlinHEFA counter in the bar of the Aletto Hotel in Berlin
Aletto Bar

"A lust for life, lightness and an unconditional love of pleasure - the Italian way of life has always fascinated us. Sprezzatura, or this attitude to life, is the philosophy and heartbeat of Aletto Hotels. What we save on frills, we invest in hospitality á la famiglia."
You can also experience this Italian lifestyle at the super nice bar in the new Aletto at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin.


HEFA counters and refrigerated tables at H'ugo's MunichHEFA counters and refrigerated tables at H'ugo's Munich

In Munich, H'ugo's is one of the city's absolute trendy restaurants, its truffle pizza and parties are legendary. The perfect place to fortify yourself for work during your lunch break, enjoy a stylish dinner with fine cuisine and party late into the night.
And celebrity restaurateur Ugo relies on counters and refrigeration units from HEFA in his No. 1 locations in Munich and Grünwald.

Castle Elmau

Schloss ElmauSheraton Eatery

In 2015, after two years of construction, the luxurious retreat was opened as the second hotel in Castle Elmau just in time for the G7 summit in June 2015. The heads of state and government of the leading democratic industrialised nations stayed and met here together with the presidents of the European Council and the European Commission.
Since then, guests at the castle have been enjoying their cool drinks from a customised HEFA bar.

Little London

Little LondonLittle London

"Enjoyment paired with a selection of our best gin & tonics, put together exclusively for you - a journey into the diverse world of gin that will enchant you with tart, floral and spicy flavours. In combination with our Black Angus beef tartare, we will seduce you into a wonderful afternoon at the Little London." This is the philosophy of the Little London in Munich.
These wonderful tastings in a lively atmosphere at our perfectly planned HEFA counter.

Amano Zoe Bar

Amano Zoe BarAmano Zoe Bar
Zoe Bar

"The ZOE Rooftop Bar is the definition of cozyness. The panoramic view from up here feels all the more gigantic: The iconic TV tower shines in the evening sun, the whole of central Berlin lies at your feet. The ideal setting for a sundowner."
Our bar in matt black blends seamlessly into this cool city location like a perfectly fitting piece of clothing - an all-round harmonious meeting place in the heart of Berlin.