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The ultimate discipline
Custom design to customer requests

Refrigerated display cabinet made of glass cubes for wine and art objects as a room divider in the Blend Bar at Pullman Schweizer Hof Berlin

Display Cases

No other refrigeration unit is as visually striking as glass display cases. That's why we build showcases to match the ambiance on the outside and the products on the inside-and, of course, to the exact dimensions.

Here, for example, is the Winewall made of refrigerated cubes for fine wines and art objects as a room divider in the Blend Bar at the Pullman Schweizer Hof in Berlin.

Beverage Counters

Refrigerated counters for special locations have special requirements.

For example, we have built marine quality counters for ships. Heavy-duty counters for the Oktoberfest or a completely new series of counters created for McFit gyms.

Marine-grade refrigerator counter on a sightseeing boat on the Danube
Custom-made wine cooler in black with LED lighting and plexiglass shelves


Refrigerators are indispensable companions in many different fields.

  • Wine fridges in harmony with the ambience and individual shelving and lighting solutions
  • Meat display cabinets exclusively designed to match the furnishings
  • Fish fridges for expensive goods with access control
  • Retention sample refrigerators for dairies with electronic numbered locks
  • Communal fridges for halls of residence
  • Basic refrigerators for customer-specific equipping, e.g. for maturing and smoking
Custom-made refrigerated counters for a food truck

Sales Trucks

There is hardly a more special environment than an individual sales truck in which maximum working possibilities and storage space are to be created.

We have been equipping several manufacturers with tailor-made solutions for the optimal use of space in their trucks for years. From beverage vending to food trucks and chocolate kebabs.

Custom-designed food truck with cooling equipment
Mobile refrigerator with insulated glass doors for a chromatograph at Novartis

Medical Devices

Our experienced custom engineering team also handles projects in the medical field.

This mobile chromatograph refrigerator for Novartis, double cooling sets for medicine refrigerators, robot-loadable refrigerators for an online pharmacy in London, etc.