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Our quality for 40 years
seit 40 Jahren

In-house production
im Eigenen Haus

Female workers scaffolding the sheet metal parts and profiles for the insulation department


Our products are manufactured entirely in-house, which offers us many advantages. From initial sheet metal processing to final quality assurance, we have full control over every single element.

This enables us to guarantee the quality of our products. We are also independent of external suppliers, which means we can consistently meet our delivery times.Internal production allows us to continuously work on improving our quality, be it by optimizing individual components, purchasing new machines or adapting work processes.

Feedback from our customers is thereby of essential importance to us.

Quality assurance

Mitarbeiter der Fa. HEFA überprüft die Qualität des Isolierkorpus einer Theke


With every brand, customers have high expectations of the product and can rely on a consistent or improving standard, so our aim is to maintain and continuously improve this high standard.

We attach great importance to precision in every step of our work and each counter system is carefully assembled and checked before dispatch.

In this way, we can ensure that even complex custom-made products leave our factory in perfect condition.


Mitarbeiter der Fa. HEFA schreiben Planungsvorschläge auf ein Whiteboard im Konferenzraum


For us, development means being open to new perspectives and opportunities - a high willingness to change and mental agility.

Our aim is to meet the needs of our customers by always thinking innovatively in order to continuously grow and prepare for future requirements.